Holiday Season Upon Us!

If there are Christmas commercials on television, I get to listen to Christmas music. That’s the contract I have with the society at large, so I decided to go throuh and tag the stories that either take place during the holidays or feature a Christmas celebration. There aren’t a lot, as it’s never been something I do often, but there are some.

I’m also toying with doing a Christmas story this year. I’m not sure whether I’d do something set in a few years ago, something set this year or an alternate universe story. I was considering doing one for this year but I don’t know if I’m ready to write the new Jason.  The new marriage of convenience story I’m playing around with begins October 2006 and has a Christmas celebration, so maybe that’s something to think about. (Or maybe I’ll do both. I don’t know where my brain ends up.)

Anyway.  Working on both the novella ebook and the Fiction Graveyard stuff, but I keep getting distracted by writing, which I am sure no one is arguing with. Here’s your Christmas selection:

Christmas Stories (including one Thanksgiving story)

The current featured stories expire 11/30, so I’ll be replacing them with Noel and Lizzie Does Thanksgiving (or I might do that earlier, depends on my life, haha.)


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