Help Inspire Me!

Hey, it’s been a long time since I got your feedback on what you guys wanted to read next, and I’ve been very fortunate that you guys have been on board with pretty much everything I’ve put out over the last year.  I’ve been struggling with inspiration and just getting my head wrapped around a new project. I said I was pressing pause on my production schedule because I didn’t feel any of the projects I’d planned. This is mostly just because I’m personally struggling. This is where I’m hoping getting some feedback from you guys on what you want to see might help. I’m not committing to any of the choices that win, but I’m just hoping that seeing where you guys are might help inspire me and get my head back into the game.

So this survey asks you to rank some of the choices for my next history rewrite as well as what part of Liason’s history you want to see more from in general. There are also some general Alternate Universe questions to see what you’re interested in.

Some of the questions ask you to rank — 1 is the one you want to read the most, and it goes from there.

I’ve got some brief summaries below –

History Rewrites

Broken Girl Book 2: Follow up to last year’s Book 1. After Lucky goes to rehab, Liason try to figure out a relationship while going slowly. Then Lucky comes back and Liz has to really face how to deal with the abuse he inflicted on her.

Mad World Book 4: Finale to the series. Liason deal with her pregnancy, Sonny and Carly, and Ric. (and lots of other stuff)

Malice, sequel to Bittersweet: set in summer of 2003 after Liason leaves to trial. They return, and we wrap up the Alcazar storyline with Brenda’s part of it.

Burn in Heaven, sequel to A Few Words: Faith returns to inflict revenge three years later in 2007.

Kismet: set in 1997. What if Elizabeth is around when the Michael stuff starts instead of Robin?

These Small Hours, set 2008: rewrites the aftermath of Kate Howard’s shooting and the Russians. Johnny/Nadine and Liason focus.

Alternate Universe

Sky is Falling: Jason is a former cop who left the force when a serial killer he investigated killed his sister and left Liz for dead. Guy got away and returns to go after Liz.

Smoke and Mirrors: Robin, Nadine, and Liz are cousins who have magical powers and a family curse. Would be Scrubs, Nohnny, and Liason.

Whatever It Takes: Flash Fiction revision. Jason & Liz are married, but separated after death of their unborn child in a car bomb.

An Everlasting love: Flash Fiction revision. Western. Jason and Liz are childhood sweethearts separated by circumstances and villains.


  • I like all of the stories but I do have my favorites. Thanks for letting us help you with your writing process and to inspire you. I’m glad to help in any way. Take care of yourself. Stay warm!

    According to arcoiris0502 on February 17, 2021
  • I will read any and everything you chose to give us so I’m sure I’m not much help (especially because I don’t know a lot of about the different history periods so I just picked the ones I recognised and then went random) but I do need to say the idea of Smoke & Mirrors getting another look in makes me sooooo happy! I’m pretty sure it’s the story I found this site from xxx

    According to Jess on February 17, 2021
  • Super excited that Kismet is making its way back from the grave yard!

    According to lisa Nap on February 18, 2021
  • My computer is low key hating me the last couple days so I couldn’t load the survey:

    I’ll read whatever you write but if I am asked about my personal preferences. I have adored the hell out of the Mad World series so I would never turn down part 4. Kismet is up there as well as Everlasting Love.

    According to nanci on February 20, 2021
  • Perhaps these small hours as well. While I am more of a Johnny/Georgie fan, I loved Nadine and would support a Nadine/Johnny pairing.

    According to nanci on February 20, 2021