FWTM – 21

Not much to say today — I updated A Few Words with Chapter 21. Oh…I’m also doing a Choose Your Ending type thing at RTN, where I write something, and you guys help write the next part. I’ll be posting it here eventually, but it’s just easy to keep the responses in the same place, so the link at RTN for Turning Points. I think most of you guys have a Yuku account, so hopefully you’ll check it out and respond there. I’ll be back with a link to it, Yuku is being a bitch this morning.

I’m working on Tangle and These Small Hours, but it’s taking some time to really dig into these stories. They may not be ready when I said they would be. I don’t want to force it, honestly. I may play around with the sequel to Words, Burn in Heaven, at least sketch out a more detailed plot. Play around with some other stories, to see which one feels like it’ll happen. I’ve been thinking about The Best Thing and Mad World, so maybe those will move up sooner. We’ll see.

Oh, and I updated the layout last night, so if you’re still seeing the old Elizabeth one, refresh. It should be a loverly old-school Liason. I miss these bastards. I miss this Jason. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU MAN?


  • They writers decide they needed a more manage Jason. Do they turn him in to the little bitch he became. Your story’s do my Liason heart some good. 🙂

    According to Lisa on April 27, 2014
  • Love the new layout! It’s amazing to watch old clips and see how comedic Jason could be in certain scenes. He got so bland, serious and overall boring after 2002.

    According to Cora on April 27, 2014