Fool Me Twice Updated!

Update Link: Ricochet, Chapter 26

I feel like I say this every time I update, but honestly, I love this chapter. This has some of my favorite Carly stuff in the entire story. I really wasn’t sure how to write Carly when I first began drafting, so I just let her develop and let the conversations move organically. I’m really looking forward to building what’s in Book 1 in Book 2. And of course, there’s some good Liason stuff.

I’ve written a bit this week, but it got really warm and uncomfortable VERY quick in NJ over the last week, and my office was super uncomfortable, LOL. Dad came up and fixed my central air and put in the office AC so we’re back to being comfortable. I’m planning to put some real words away over the next five days. Tomorrow is an in-service day, and then I have a three day weekend. The only day I have any plans is Monday since it’s my birthday.

I’m really hoping to have Book 1 done by June 1.  I want to turn the page and start with something else. I’ll see you guys on Monday!


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