Fool Me Twice Updated!

Update Link: Ricochet, Chapter 24

I hope everyone is having a great week! These upcoming chapters are some of my favorite — honestly, I really adore the back half of this story. I spent a lot of time in the first part maneuvering pieces around to really start telling the story I wanted to tell and we’re finally getting into the meat of the story. I haven’t had a lot of writing time, but I’ve written three of the ten flashbacks I need and I’ll have time this weekend to really dig into things. I managed to stop myself from rewriting my course materials again, so everything is set up for the next cycle that starts on Monday. I haven’t done a lot of work at home which is great so this week was really about just relaxing. Starting this weekend, I’m going to the hit ground running and really put away some chapters. I want to be done with this book so I can move on.

I’ll see you guys on Monday!


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