Fool Me Twice Updated!

Update Link: Ricochet, Chapter 29

Happy Monday! It’s actually a relatively happy Monday for me. Our grades were due yesterday, so I am done grading and assigning work for the year. Then, they decided to make this entire week half days for the students due to the heat. I’m still stuck at work until 2:50 every day at least through the end of this week, but my instruction time has been cut from 84 minutes to 45. Huge difference. Even better — the two meetings I was supposed to have this week after school are going to be earlier. Instead of being at school until almost 4 today and tomorrow, I get to come home on time.

I’m still struggling with my sleep — it was super bad last week. I literally feel like I dragged myself through Friday on sheer will and then just collapsed this weekend. If it weren’t for the absolutely amazing students I have this cycle, I think I’d be at the end of my rope. I’m thinking it won’t be like that this week only because I don’t have to put on the act for so much of the day. I love my job, but teaching is definitely about putting on the show. Sometimes the show feels easy and part of you, and sometimes it’s a grind. It’s been a grind these last few weeks because of this sleeping issue.

I will be out of edited chapters on Thursday, which is sort of a concerning thing but not really. I have eight chapters left to edit. The flashbacks aren’t written, but they’re pretty short. Four of those chapters have the other scenes that have been cleaned up, and four of them need light editing and some rewriting. I actually think we won’t see a break in writing. I’m stuck at work until 2:50 every day this week. Because of my schedule during the day, I am literally done teaching and duties at 11:05. I’ll be bringing my computer to work and I actually do expect to get most of that done this week at work. My energy doesn’t crash until around 4 PM.

Anyway — we’re in the final countdown now and I’m beyond ready to move on from this project.


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