Fool Me Twice: Opening Excerpt! Chapters Coming Next Week!

Update Link: Fool Me Twice – Excerpt

RicochetExcited to give you guys a peek at the first chapter of Ricochet, book one in the Fool Me Twice trilogy. This opening scene is a flashback to set the stage. Every chapter in Fool Me Twice will have a flashback filling in a piece of backstory not seen on screen. I can’t wait for you guys to read this. New chapters will be posted Tuesdays & Thursdays until I’ve completed my edit of the entire story. At that point, like I did with For the Broken Girl, I will post all remaining chapters.

In other news, I’m going to be revising my 2021 Production Schedule this week. I’ve been struggling a lot with just my general health, mentally and physically which you guys know about. I’m hoping that between going back to school tomorrow and having some contact with my students (at least on lunch duty) and starting the publication of FMT next week, I’ll be able to shake out of this, but I honestly can’t promise the release dates I set up even a few weeks ago. January was a very tough month, and February hasn’t really turned things around for me just yet in a lot of ways. I’m better, but I’m still not at the point where I think I should be promising projects.

I apologize for the vague-ness of this announcements. I don’t even know what it means for me yet beyond just not planning anything for a few weeks and just getting back to a schedule of leaving my house every morning for work. You’ll still be getting FMT chapters and Flash Fiction, so it really just affects us going into the summer when the next book comes out. I’ll keep you guys in the loop 🙂


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