Fool Me Twice Book 2 – Beta Completed! (and other housekeeping!)

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Hello! Another surprise post from me, and I’m so excited to tell you that I finished the beta draft of Fool Me Twice, Book 2: Ashes to Ashes last night!

I wasn’t planning to finish this weekend — I had about sixish chapters left for Act 2, and then I figured another week to complete the 8 chapters in Act 3. But I was watching a marathon stream from my favorite streamer yesterday, and it was really great background noise. Plus, the back half of the story just needed a lot less work. So I zoomed through and finished!

Thank you so much for your patience on Book 2. It’s been three years since I published Book 1 and I never planned for there to be THREE years between the releases. Books 3-6 will come out much more regularly. Book 1 was written as I started my last teaching job, and you guys know that district was…well, I’m in a new and better job now and it’s shows by how much writing I’ve been able to do this year as opposed to the last three fall semesters.

What’s next?

I sent the draft off to my beta reader, and I’m going to keep to the final deadline I gave her to be fair — which was Feb 29. I never thought I’d get through Act 2 and Act 3 so fast.  While that’s happening, I’ll be doing my own read through, checking one last time for typos and consistencies. I don’t expect there’s a lot in this draft since I’ve read this so many times.

I’m releasing a survey to determine the best update schedule for this draft so that I can post chapters at a time when the majority of my readers are available to read. Please answer the questions 🙂

Book 2 will be published starting sometime in March. I’m hoping for the week of March 11, but it might be the week after. I’m so excited for you guys to get to read this. I’ll be editing book 3 this summer and releasing it next fall.

I’ve posted the beta draft for my Patreons. It’s available for free for Crimson Devoted tiers and above ($5) and can be purchased for that price from the digital shop.

Housekeeping Notes

I updated the Alphabetical Master List for the first time since 2020 with all the updates since then. There’s 137 stories listed! I also found a short story I wrote in 2021 that I never linked anywhere, so it dropped off the radar after I posted. One Single Glimpse — a short story about Elizabeth being a frontline worker during Covid. I added it to the Alphabetical List and Alternate History page. I also updated the Recent Updates page with the last few Flash Fiction Updates.


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