Fool Me Twice Updated!

Update Link: Ricochet, Chapter Fifteen

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a good week! I’m so glad everyone enjoyed the end of A King’s Command. I had a lot of fun writing that story, and I’m glad I spent some time this last year working on alternate universes.

I wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be taking a break from posting Fool Me Twice after Chapter 20. That’s going up on April 10, and then we’re taking a two week break until April 24. New chapters will return Tuesday, April 27. I’m running a little behind on editing chapters, and I don’t want to feel rushed. I’m going to use my spring break this weekend to get a few chapters put away, but I’ll feel better if we take a break. Also, I know some of you might be a bit behind or were holding off on reading so this would be a great chance catch up.

I’m trying not to feel too guilty about taking this break. I used to run out of chapters all the time, but they were written chapters. I’m okay with running out of edited chapters because it feels like a lot less pressure and I think you guys are more reassured the story is still on track since you know I’ve written an entire first draft.

I’ll see you guys on Thursday!



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