Flash Fiction Returns & Kicking off 2022!

Today’s Update: Signs of Life – Part 20

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Patreon Updates

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping 2022 brings us more joy and less anxiety than 2021.

I’m doing a roundup update at the beginning of each update so you can see anything I’ve posted over the week or if there’s anything I want to draw your attention to. If you missed my 2022 plan post, I won’t be doing monthly status update posts more any more (which is fine since I was crap at them anyway lol). What’ll do is update the Production Schedule if necessary, link you to anything you need above, and let you know anything else you need when I update Flash Fiction.

The reason I’m linking Patreon posts here now is because around 1/3 of my regular readers are Patreons, and I’m kicking off a new content schedule there as well as here. I’m excited about this schedule because it honestly feels like it’s both realistic and generous while making sure I don’t disappear into writing, lol, and makes room for stuff I love and taking time off. Time will tell 😛

I hope you enjoy this update, and I’ll see you guys on Saturday when I post the third part of Karma!


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