Flash Returns! (Again, lol)

Update Link: Signs of Life, Part 15

Hello! I hope everyone is having a marvelous Saturday! I got my blood moving early this morning thanks to SoapTwitter showing its whole ass again. Can you believe one of these people actually said “It’s evident you don’t watch the show. Go to YouTube” when arguing about Elizabeth’s character history.

What do you even say to such sheer stupidity? Honestly.

ANYWAY. I’ve been busy since I lasted checked in with you guys. I got started on NanoWriMo, and I have made some decent progress on Smoke & Mirrors as well as Karma. Karma has one more part to write which I plan to finish up tomorrow, then we’ll concentrate completely on Smoke & Mirrors.

I’ve been tweeting about NaNo progress on Twitter in a single thread, so if you’re interested in daily threads, I’ll embed the thread below.

Today, I’m updating Signs of Life instead of Scars because (1) it won an impromptu poll on Twitter and (2) I know what I want to do exactly in the next part. I need to sit down with Scars and think about it, but I didn’t have time to do that yet. Scars will be updated tomorrow. Next weekend, I’ll flip them back.

I’m so excited to be back posting at CG! Thanks again for your patience. I promise you Mad World’s finale will be worth the extended hiatus from writing


  • You’re so funny. I can’t believe that someone questioned you about GH history. I laughed when someone asked, who was Zander. I’m so glad that you’re back. I have to catch up with your stories.

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