Flash Fiction Weekend Continues!

Your Update Link – A King’s Command, Part 12

Thanks for all the support in coming back! I know how many of you guys really do enjoy the flash fiction, and I love writing it. It was hard to shelve it for a few months, but it was just really important for my own mental health and happiness to focus on one thing. Four series at the same time I was doing an alpha draft — complete insanity. I have learned a valuable lesson. I’m also much happier with the quality of the 60 minute entries, so this is definitely going to stay like this.

I misspoke last night when I said that I had deconstructed the first 24 chapters of FMT — it turns out that I had only done the first 19. I still had like 14 chapters to do. I’ve been working on it most of the afternoon, and I have about five chapters left. I’m typing this at at about 6:11 (I prep this post early so that it’s ready to publish at 8 PM), so that might be closer to 1-2 by the time I start Flash Fiction. I’ll update this note if it that changes.

EDIT: I actually managed to finish just before I started my timer. So it’s 36 chapters. 

This process is me taking the scenes from the alpha draft and putting them into the beta draft — adding new chapters or scenes, moving scenes around from chapter to chapter, etc. Just getting a handle on how many changes I’m making and how much work. Once I know that, I can set a target of how many chapters to edit per week. Then I’ll know for sure if that Feb 23 date works. I’ll have an answer for you tomorrow with my final update for the weekend.

In other news — I updated the Flash Fiction page so that it has the correct schedule now.


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