Flash Fiction Weekend Concludes!

Your Update Link: A Shot in the Dark, Part 14

I’m so happy at how this weekend went! I really missed writing these stories, and I’m excited you guys are back into it. We’ll be back with the same schedule next week. I might be wrapping up Shot in the Dark next week, I don’t know yet.

In other news, I finished the plan for the beta draft of Fool Me Twice. It’s about 36 chapters, four of which are brand new. I’ll be editing 12 chapters a week over the next three weeks, and then spending three weeks getting it ready for publication on February 23. That’s the plan for now.

I’ll be publishing some vlogs this week — an update on FMT and kicking up my CG retrospective series which me taking the next 18 months building up to CG’s 20th anniversary by talking about my writing, my time in the community, and just my journey. I didn’t want to start it in 2022 — I wanted it be something that was ready when we got there. I’m excited to start this series because I think I tried to talk about my older writing before and I was too critical. The videos weren’t fun. I want to find the good memories and really look at what everything I wrote taught me.


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