Flash Fiction Weekend!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 17

Happy Sunday! I always think of the chorus from Maniac Monday talking about Sundays as the “I don’t have to run day” and it makes me laugh since I actually use that for Saturday, and Sunday¬† — I feel like all I do is run. Today’s the grocery, laundry, meal prep, and set course for the week day. And flash fiction is part of that routine — or least I’m trying to get there. This is the second week in a row finishing Flash Fiction weekend, so it makes me happy to be back on track.

Good news is that it’s not a full week, so I don’t have as much meal prep to do — I’m in school for a full day on Monday & Tuesday, then a half day on Wednesday, so I only need dinners prepped for the first two days. I’m looking forward to another break before the final run to the holidays.

Today, I also have to film lessons for the upcoming week as one of my students is on quarantine. He’s going to Zoom in, but my class really isn’t set up for that, so these are back ups. I always meant to create filmed version of the lessons once I had perfected the routines, so I’m looking forward to it. I like the idea of having these lessons for students who are absent — I can just link them to what they missed. French really isn’t a class you can try to learn on your own, you know?

I worked on Smoke & Mirrors yesterday, and it’s one of the those days where I’m not sure what I wrote is going to make it into the final version. I said I was going to play with the structure, but I think I was mostly writing backstory that doesn’t need to be anywhere but in my head. I need to understand where characters are coming from in an AU, but you guys don’t necessarily need every detail if that makes sense.

I hope you guys have a great


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