Flash Fiction Weekend!

Update Link: Scars – Part 10

I hope everyone had a great week! Finished up conferences and half days, now looking at two and a half more days before Thanksgiving Break. I’ll be spending this week taking stock of some of the internal deadlines I set for myself and making any adjustments.

Smoke & Mirrors is going well. I’m not making the progress I had hoped to, but I’m making the progress I need to. We’re still on pace for the 50k win on November 30, so I’m not worried. Writing Alternate Universes can always be a bit tricky because you have to find a way to keep the characters recognizable while lifting them out of the GH timeline. Creating new backstories is also challenging — it can be a crutch to write inside the timeline all the time because my readers know what I’m refer to some previous events. I’ll get more into it later when I finally get around to a vlog for this story.

I haven’t managed as much of the Mad World reread as I wanted. I had hoped to reread and clean up typos as I went, but my time has been a bit crunched so I’ve only made it partially through Book 1. I want to focus on finishing up the Books 1-3 reread by the end of November so I can reread Book 4 in the first week of December. I’ll also be editing Karma at that point as well, but I actually don’t think that’ll take long. A few days — I might take a weekend and just get it done.

See you guys tomorrow!


  • You’ve been busy. I’m glad that conferences went well. Enjoy your weekend.

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