Flash Fiction Weekend!

Update Link: Scars – Part 9

Hello! I hope everyone had a good week! Apologies that this is a bit later than I normally post flash fiction. I definitely wanted to update, but I’ve been having allergy issues that are messing me up. I’ve ordered a new air purifier for my office to help with that. It always happens when the weather gets weird and the temps are all over the place, then I put the heat on.

Other than that, things are going well. I finished the first draft of Karma, so that’s going to sit for the rest of November. I’ll edit it in early December, and I officially have a release date for you: Karma will be released in three parts, beginning on December 31 with Part 1. Part 2 will follow on January 7, then Part 3 on January 8.

I’m back to focusing on Smoke & Mirrors for NaNoWriMo, and it’s been slow getting back into it after I took a break to get Karma finished, but I’m not worried. I need to make about 2k a day for the rest of the month to finish the 50k goal, and we all know that I can do that in about an hour, lol. A few solid days of work and we’ll be right where we need to be.

I’m doing the reread of Mad World in the spare time. I said I wanted to read Books 1-3 through for typos and continuity errors to make sure that Book 4 is as good as it can be. I want to make sure I wrap up anything or address anything. I’ve already updated the first two chapters of Book 1 with the typo fixes (nothing big) and addressed a small continuity error with Oliver Joyce knowing Scott in high school as well as college. The first version just said college. I also wanted to clean up where I sent Zander — there was a brief mention in Chapter 1 or 2 and I’d forgotten that for Book 4.

Things are going well at work — I’m keeping up the routine and mostly not working outside of contract hours. This morning, I did a little bit but I wanted to try out some new things and I knew I wouldn’t have time on Monday. That’s the kind of work I like to do — content creation for fun. I’ll probably do a bit more later tonight and tomorrow, but I don’t mind it. It’s when I drag home grading or other administrative stuff that’s on a deadline, you know?

I haven’t talked much about my mental health here since July other than some bits and bobs because, well, I didn’t need to. I had some serious anxiety, stress, and panic attack issues last year and started therapy in May with a counselor. I worked really hard the first few months to address my mindset and the anxiety spirals. I wanted to understand the triggers so I could make healthier choices or at least investigate the insanity, lol. On Thursday, my therapist and I decided that I didn’t need the weekly appointments anymore. So I basically graduated from therapy this week, woot! I’ll be able to go back to her if I’m having a rough time, but I’ve dug myself out of the hole I was in last year.

Thanks to everyone for understanding as my mental health meant there was just less content here. I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and the next!


  • It sounds like you’ve taken care of yourself and did the work that was needed to be in a better place. Woot! Woot! You’re also on a roll with your writing. Good for you that you don’t bring too much school work home. I was never organized to do that so I’m in awe. I’m off to read! Enjoy your weekend.

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