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Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 16

Well, I definitely meant to get back here last week and update, but the week got off the rails on Monday, then went off the cliff on Wednesday when I got a head cold, and I sank like a goddamn rock on Thursday when sick as a dog, I got stuck in the rain, soaked, sick, and miserable. Ugh. The week from hell.


We are four days away from break (it’s actually five, but Friday is a half day and as a protest of having to go to school in the first place, we’re going to color), and I’m actually prepped for this week. I know I’ve said that before, but I literally scheduled all the posts already. All that I have to do is make copies on Monday morning. That’s it. It’s a glorious feeling. I’m ready for a reset people.

I’ll have a more official post with the 2023 writing plans and what not, but here are the big things for the final week

  • Kismet is going back into Discovery mode as I work out a story snafu that I hadn’t anticipated.
  • Fool Me Twice, Book 2 is going into production and it’s being split into four episodes, the first of which I hope will be out in March (with quarterly releases).
  • Watch Me Burn goes on hiatus for a few weeks so I can finish up the other two Flash Fiction stories, because it’s much longer than either of the other two.

See you tomorrow for Counting Stars updates!



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