Flash Fiction Updated & Mad World Ebook Release!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 3

Starting today, you can also download new ebooks for Mad World! Book 3 is available for the first time, and I’ve collected Books 1-3 into an ebook. So if you’ve fallen behind or never got around to reading it, and it feels like too much, this is a great way to caught up. You can also change the fonts and display in an ereader device. Clicking on the links will download zip files with all three available formats. Choose the one best for your device and needs.

Tomorrow, I’ll be releasing a partial ebook for Book 4 with Chapters 76-95 to mark the halfway point in Book 4.

I’ve tested these on my own devices, but if you run into any display issues, please let me know by commenting below!

I have three more books I need to organize into ebooks — Ricochet (Fool Me Twice Book 1), Reflections of You (Broken Girl Book 1), and Bittersweet. I’ll focus on Ricochet first because it’s never been released in ebook.

See you tomorrow!


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