Flash Fiction Updated! (and some Facelift News!)

Update Link: Scars – Part 5

I hope everyone’s week is getting off to a great start! I’ve been working on Mad World, revising and editing scenes from the draft last summer as well as continuing with new material. I’ve completed Chapters 76-77 and I’ve also completed the soundtrack. It’s going well so far, but it’s still early.

I’ve also continued working on the Alternate History page as part of the CG Facelift. I’m moving all my AH stories onto that page so they can be browsed chronologically rather than having them on separate pages. 2003 is, by far, the longest section of that page. I’ve organized the first two entries — Tell the Truth, and then a trio of stories that reunite Jason & Elizabeth before Courtney & Ric really become spoilers for them.

The last part of the FMT Book 1 Vlog has now gone public. I still have to finish writing posts for the site & story status vlog update, but you can view my final thoughts on finishing Book 1 below:


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