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Update Link: Hits Different – Part 20

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Hello! Halfway through the week and it’s going, uh, okay. Not really sleeping well, so by the time I get home, I’m dragging a little, so I haven’t worked as much on These Small Hours as I’d like, but I’m not so worried about it. I’ve got time. I did however finally finish breaking down Hits Different by scene and tentatively set a finishing date around the first week of May. It might go faster as sometimes I throw an update up on the weekend, and it also might not since I may add scenes here and there depending, but all things considered, we’re definitely looking at May as an end date.

I put up a poll on Patreon to choose the next flash fiction series, mostly because I don’t have one that’s remotely ready so I need some time to brainstorm, and I’ve got a busy spring planned 🙂

Don’t forget to vote in the release survey for FMT. So far all the answers are pretty even, lol, so I need some tiebreakers!

See you next week! Or this weekend, who knows?



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