Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 10

This is going to be the week where I actually manage to update everything on time, LOL. Mad World is chugging along, but I had a major energy slump around the time I started working on it — worse than usual, so I only managed one scene yesterday. I’m feeling a bit better today, and I generally do in the morning so after flash fiction, I’m going to start writing for Mad World to get a head of it. I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday to start getting to the bottom of this fatigue problem I’m having. I can see from my sleep tracker that my sleep is restful and I’m getting between 7-8 every night. I should be feeling better.

I’m back to work part-time for a few weeks, starting tomorrow. I’m writing the new French curriculum and we have our first meeting. I’m hoping that we get to work remotely for this, but I’m not mad if we have to go in. It’ll be good to get out of the house.

Hope you’re all having a great week and I’ll see you Friday for the next part of Scars!


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