Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 45

It’s amazing the difference 24 hours, tons of ice packs, half a bottle of ibuprofen and two doses of medication can make. Plus a full night’s sleep. Light years better, though still a bit tired and sore. I can actually focus now!

I hope you guys enjoyed the first two chapters of FMT. I really love this draft, and I’m excited to get back to writing it this afternoon, hopefully getting a few chapters done. And thanks for the response to Signs of Life! Honestly, giving that story a full revision process and not just cleaning it up was the best decision I could have made and will definitely be a consideration going forward with the Flash Fiction series.

Starting tomorrow, all weekend Flash Fiction updates are going to move forward an hour — I’ll start writing at 11 and posting at noon. It gives me a bit more time in the morning and I think it’ll work a bit better.

I hope you guys enjoy today’s update, see you tomorrow!


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