Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 9

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. I had a barbecue yesterday, but it rained for half of it so we were stuck inside. The last place I want to be with members of my family is inside. In other fun news, I got a new car! I’ve been working on my credit for the last year and saving up so I could lease my first brand-new car. My entire driving career, I’ve driven hand me downs and used cars. My last car was 12 years old and starting to fall apart a bit. I’m really excited to have a brand new car with some bells and whistles (this is the first car where the trunk release has ever worked, lol) plus it’s a lot safer for my commute to work.

I’ve been working on Mad World, and have finished the first chapter. I created a new tier at Patreon ($15) if you want the first draft (alpha draft) as I write them. If you just want the actual alpha draft when it’s completed, the $10 tier will work. The beta draft (with the first round of edits) will be available at the $7 tier. You can subscribe while I’m working on and delete or reduce the pledge later.

I’m starting to put together a production schedule for the next few projects. I should have that online at some point today or tomorrow. I’m thinking right now — Mad World in December, Broken Girl in February, and then Book 2 of Fool Me Twice by next June. That’s still pretty loose and gives a lot of time.

I started vlogging again by using a new set up where I basically stream (using StreamYard) directly to an unlisted video and then just make the video public later. The part that was making the vlogs annoying was editing and uploading. This cuts it out and makes it easier. I put up July’s Site & Story update last night. I’ll do a text version of that tomorrow. You can view it below. I’ll have the last part of the FMT vlog up on Tuesday I think, and Mad World on Thursday.


  • Wow! You always have a lot going on. Congrats on the new car! Enjoy! My Betty Lou will be 18 in September. Lol

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