Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 26

Happy Wednesday! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do Flash Fiction in the morning when I woke up, lol. I was watching the All-Star Game and it didn’t have a pitch clock so the game ended up being until 11:30 (I AM OLD NOW THIS IS VERY LATE). And I couldn’t stop watching because the Phillies closer, Craig Kimbrel, was due to save the game (AND HE DID! NATIONAL LEAGUE WON!). My Phillies boys did us proud, but my voice is sore, lol. While I was watching, I was annotating Book 2’s alpha draft and got on a roll. I was only going to read Chapters 56-66, but I ended finishing all of Act 3, which puts me ahead of schedule. I stayed up to 1 AM which was…probably a poor decision, lol.

But I’m making great progress on all three editing projects — July is super busy, but August should be a bit more laid back — I’m only working on the beta draft of Book 2 and writing Flash Fiction.  I’m really enjoying the editing for Signs of Life because I’m in the part of the book where I’m adding more material — and getting to write old school Liason from 1999-2000 is so refreshing. It can be exhausting to be writing in the later time periods, like 2018, when our couple has so much more baggage. They’re both older, more cynical and jaded, so it can be harder to strike that balance you need between realistic older adults who’ve been making terrible decisions for twenty years but still the sweet, light Liason stuff that we fell in love with. So, yeah, going back in time to 2000 is much more fun.

With the next Flash Fiction (which will be winter probably), I wanna go to this time period again — but more like between August 2000 – December 2001. I don’t have really anything set during this period, so it’ll be fun to expand there. If anyone has any ideas, let me know!


  • Suggestions for August 2000? I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Jason had just kissed Elizabeth after that big hug when he returned. Or she could be the one to make the first move. The blatant misogyny of Lucky’s attitude about Elizabeth and Nikolas was a huge ick factor for me back then. It was like he thought he owned Elizabeth so he could decide to “give” her to Nikolas if he wanted or “keep” her for himself but either way she had no power or agency of her own. And she was too wrapped up in the miracle of his return and hurt at his rejection to really take the time to think about how problematic all of that was. She was only annoyed with him when she should have been disgusted. I would like to read a story in which she takes the time to really consider all of that.

    According to AJ on July 12, 2023
  • Well 2000 wasn’t a lot of Liason. Jason left mid Jan 2000 and returned for about 6 weeks from 8/31/00 thru 10/9/00 with the Dead Ted stuff and chasing after Zander & Emily. Then he returned end of Jan 2001 thru mid Apr 2001 with her hiding him in her studio, FOD, teaching her pool at Jakes and asking her to go away with him. Then he didn’t return again until May 2002.

    You could rewrite Jason leaving in Jan 2000 and Lucky returning back from the dead. I think Lucky was known to be alive in Feb 2000 but he didn’t actually come back to Port Charles until May. Everyone was off looking for him. You could write Jason leaving in Jan but realizes he cares for Elizabeth and returns before they find out Lucky is alive. Or Jason meets Elizabeth to tell her he is leaving but can’t do it and stays in PC and they are on the verge of starting a relationship when Lucky returns from the dead.

    You could also rewrite the Dead Ted stuff or redo Jason’s return in Jan 2001.

    According to Kimmie on July 13, 2023