Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 21

Another late update, lol. I went to bed at a normal time, and then my brain was like, nah, we’re not tired. So I overslept again. Irritating, but not surprising. Let’s just state from now own if I don’t update by 11 AM or 2 PM on Mon, Wed, or Fri, then there’s no update for that day.

I finally manged to write the breakdown of Act 3 for Fool Me Twice — my brain was just really scattered, and I couldn’t really figure out chapter breakdowns for some reason. Book 2 is going to be Chapters 39-102 — which I know sounds really long, but Book 2’s chapters are about 20% shorter than Book 1. For example, Book 1 was about 235k words in length and 38 chapters. For book 2, I’ve completed Chapters 39-80, so that’s 42 chapters, and it’s only 131k in length.

Still hoping to finish it off by June 30 and spend the summer editing.

See you guys Monday!


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