Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 18

Happy Easter! Hope everyone has a great holiday. A little bit sad here — I’ve only got two days left of spring break, which seems insane, lol. There’s talk of adjusting the schedule to match the surrounding areas. We’re a K-8 district, and our sister high school district (where most of our kiddos matriculate after they leave us) has a full week, so it’s hard for parents to handle childcare and vacations. Let’s cross our fingers because your girl really needs more than a long weekend. I feel like I spend most of these breaks resting and recharging and there’s not really a chance to enjoy myself.

Anyway, hope the day is good for you 🙂 Going to kick back and watch my Phillies sweep the Reds (rough start to the season but we’re back on track), then head to dinner with sister and family. Love you all!


  • That schedule needs to be fixed. Love and hugs to you. Happy Easter!

    According to arcoiris0502 on April 9, 2023