Flash Fiction Updated!

Updated: Invisible Strings – Part 14

Well, here we are — this is my last full night of the winter break — I have tomorrow off, but tomorrow night, I have to set the alarm. Boo to alarms forever. I feel pretty good about the upcoming week — all the posts and slides are prepped, so when I get back, it’s just catching up with grading. Hoping to manifest some less crazy chaos in 2023.

Tonight and tomorrow’s Flash Fiction update are going to be in the evening because I’m trying to organize that evening creative energy, lol. I want to write more when I come home from work. I started Fool Me Twice, Book 2 today. I cleaned up the sample chapter from August, then wrote an additional scene, so we’re officially at 6k on day 1 (yes, 5500 of that is from August, but I made it better so we’re counting it).

See you tomorrow for a double update! Counting Stars Chapter 25-29 will be posted in the morning when I get up (around 7-8) and then Flash Fiction in the evening.


  • Enjoy your last few days! It sounds like you’re ready!

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