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Update: Scars – Part 24

Hope everyone had a good week! Feels so strange to go so many days without posting. I don’t think I’ve gone five days without an update since May. Sorry for dipping out on Sunday’s update — I woke up with an insane TMJ migraine and I couldn’t quite focus on writing. It was a really rough week — our first full week with the normal schedule, complete with a faculty meeting, Back to School night, a doctor’s appointment and I had a night even on Tuesday. Lauren’s services in August were private, just close family and friends, but her husband always planned a larger dinner/get together for us all to get together. That was this week.

Plus, this month is the ninth anniversary of Lauren, Mike, and me moving to London for a year to attend grad school (London is where I started writing fanfiction again and got Crimson Glass back online), so my TimeHop and Facebook memories are just kind of throwing a lot of Lauren at me right now. They’re all amazing memories, but they’re feeling just a bit raw honestly. It was hard on Tuesday to get together — her parents were always so warm and lovely to us, and they’re just barely keeping it together. You just want to make it okay for them, and it’s not possible. I got into the car on the way home, and Coldplay came on — Lauren’s favorite band. Her prayer card had the lyrics to The Scientist on the back, and I started crying in the car.

Anyway. It’s Friday, we got to the end of the week, and I can sleep until 6:30 tomorrow morning. I’ll see you tomorrow for an update for The Last Time, and *crosses fingers* the conclusion to Scars on Sunday.


  • Thank you for updating during this rough week. No apologies necessary. Take care of yourself. Rest in peace, Lauren!

    According to arcoiris0502 on September 16, 2022