Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: The Last Time – Scenes 27-29

ETA: Sunday, 11 Sep 2022: No Flash Fiction tonight. Woke up with a terrible TMJ migraine, and have been struggling through things today.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday! I slept in this morning, and decided to push Flash Fiction until this evening. I’m definitely not going to let myself feel tied to a time on the weekends — sometimes I might update in the morning, other times at night. As long as I update, no one will complain 😛

Spent today relaxing, and just getting myself together. Trying to prep for next week, but not pushing it so that I spend all weekend running around, and then I’m tired going into the week. See you tomorrow for another part of Scars!


  • I’m grateful that you share your talent with us. You have to take care of yourself first.

    According to arcoiris0502 on September 10, 2022