Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Scars – Part 23

Welp, we made it to the end of the first week. It was a rough one, honestly. My supplies haven’t arrived, including the new class set of headphones, so that’s going to make my life difficult if they don’t show up in the next two weeks. I pretty much dragged myself through this week — it was a tough one on my foot — I’ve been putting off dealing with it because of the neck and TMJ issues I was trying to resolve (not to mention the tinnitus), but it’s really been difficult.  I know what it is — I strained my Achilles tendon, and they’re going to recommend rest and ice which is impossible as a teacher. I’m constantly on my feet between the classroom and duty.

Haven’t done much at home — literally ordered out every night. But next week will be better — we’re in our normal schedule, and I’ll be able to stay off my feet a little bit more.  Haven’t touched any writing since Monday, but going to enjoy working on it this weekend and more next week.

See you tomorrow for the morning update!

ETA: Saturday’s update will be in the evening. I overslept, lol.


  • It sounds like a rough week made worse by your foot. You survived your 1st week back! Hopefully, next week will be better and you’ll get your headphones.

    According to arcoiris0502 on September 9, 2022