Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn, Part 10

Purchase: Counting Stars, Alpha Draft

A reminder that the summer schedule ends on Wednesday! This is the last update for Watch Me Burn until Saturday, September 17. Next weekend, we’re launching the fall schedule.

  • Friday, September 2: Scars
  • Saturday, September 3: The Last Time
  • Sunday, September 4: Scars
  • Friday, September 9: Scars
  • Saturday, September 10: The Last Time
  • Sunday, September 11: Scars
  • Friday, September 16: The Last Time
  • Saturday, September 17: Watch Me Burn
  • Sunday, September 18: The Last Time

See you tomorrow!


  • That’s quite a schedule!!! I love it!

    According to arcoiris0502 on August 28, 2022