Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Scars – Part 18

Well, first week of updating in the evening in the bag, and so far so good. Let’s just hope I can keep going once I’m back at work, lol, and I’ve been dealing with middle schoolers.

I was planning some Patreon perks for next week, and I had a thought. I’ve had a few people over the last two years (since I really made an effort with the Patreon) ask if they could get a copy of the draft for whatever the tier cost. I’d give them my Paypal, and then email the copy. I know there are some of you who just don’t want to do a recurring donation (which is absolutely fine), so I’ve been thinking of ways to open up Patreon benefits in different ways.

Would anyone be interested in a way to get drafts if it involved just a one time purchase? No story of mine is ever behind a permanent paywall — Patreons get early access and copies of the story that change a lot as I move between drafts, but finalized versions are always released for free. Let me know, and I’ll look into getting something together.

See you tomorrow for another update of Scars! (I’m catching up from the two Tuesdays I missed)


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