Flash Fiction Updated!

Update: Watch Me Burn – Part 8

Does anyone else have, like, six stages of doing laundry? My washer/dryer is in the basement, so I feel like, Day 1  -take laundry to first floor; Day 2- actually do laundry; Day 3 – redry clothes so they’re not wrinkled and bring them to first floor to fold; Day 4 bring clothes to second floor; Day 5 – bring to bedroom; Day 6 – actually put them away. Just in time to start the nightmare again. And it’s exclusively a summer thing — I have no issues during the school year. Maybe it’s because my brain knows I can wear yoga pants, so it’s not like I need the clothes.

Anyway 😛 Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to do Flash fiction at 7 PM to get my writing energy going in the evening — I want to do more writing at night during the school year.


  • I know exactly what you mean. Laundry is my least favorite chore.

    According to Felicia on August 21, 2022