Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 8

Hope everyone is having a good week! I’m having a lot of trouble sleeping which is really making it hard to get going in the morning. I’m not sure what’s up with any of that, but well, here we are. Anyway — fun fact — the scene with Alexis in Part 7 bringing up spousal privilege was NOT in the first plot sketch of this story. So, um, I don’t know if I should toss out my plans and go with it, or just have it be a funny thing that happened. Thoughts?

I’m not sure, again, when I’ll be able to do Friday’s update. I’m spending all day with my mother tomorrow for a procedure (the last one to confirm cancer — it’s not the one they thought it was, but they haven’t ruled out other types), and my electric is being turned off most of Friday. I might do it Friday night or Saturday morning.

See you then!


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