Flash Fiction Updated!

Update: Watch Me Burn – Part 4

Happy Sunday! I just got word that my insurance company finally approved my MRI after a month of arguing with them. Once that’s done, I can finally start treatment for my back and neck pain. Better late than never.

I’m finished planning both These Small Hours and For the Broken Girl, Book 2. The only thing left for both projects is to finish the soundtrack, and that’s obviously not a priority. That means out of six total projects I’m planning this month, two are already finished. We’re about 30% of the way through this crazy month. I’ve never done a complete Discovery process in six days like I did with These Small Hours, lol.

Having a ton of different projects broken down is (hopefully) going to make it easier during the school to draft projects.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next Flash Fiction update 🙂


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