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Update Link: Scars – Part 14

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday morning 🙂 I’m feeling pretty productive. Yesterday, after my back started feeling better, I grabbed my laptop and worked from the sofa to finish the Plot Sketch for These Small Hours, the first of the projects I’m planning. Then, this morning, I broke down the entire story in chapters in about an hour. I thought it would take a lot longer, but my plot sketch was so detailed that it was simply just creating the scene cards and deciding where chapter breaks would be.

At the moment, Hours looks like it’ll be around 30 chapters — probably a few more as we get into it. I still have to soundtrack it, but this is a great start to the month.

Next week, I’m working on the discovery for Malice, the sequel to Bittersweet. For the Broken Girl, Book 2 is almost finished Discovery (I’m breaking down chapters and soundtracking). Fool Me Twice, Book 2 is in Plot Sketch stages, but as you can see — the longer I take with sketching out the plot and scenes, the easier it is to break them down.

As a reminder, I’m doing all this prep work this month so that we can spend a week writing sample chapters to better pick my next project which I’ll start drafting in September.

Counting Stars goes into editing on September 1, and will be released November 7,


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