Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 6

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I finished Act 2 of Counting Stars, so only seven more chapters to go! I also set the release date — November 7. I’ll be releasing four chapters all at once for seven weeks. I think that works better than the way I’ve been posting Mad World — you can check out all the chapters for that week at once and read at your own leisure.

I finished the Jul-Dec 2022 posting schedule. I’ll be updating the Production Schedule page soon, but you can check out the update here.

See you tomorrow for Mad World!

Patreon Updates 

  • Added Counting Stars, Alpha Draft Chapters 13-20 for Stalker
  • Added Crimson Discovery #22
  • Added Crimson Check #26
  • Added Mad World, Early Access Chapters for Love (Chapters 102-104)


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