Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 4

Hope everyone is having a good week! I got my first round of test results back, and there’s nothing my doctor can see that’s causing the tinnitus in my right ear. He wants one more to completely rule things out, but it’s just looking like this is a symptom caused by my TMJ and may or may not just be my life now. Boo to that.

I added a plug in that does thumbs up/thumbs down to the posts — I might turn off the thumbs down, lol. I really just hope that if you read the chapter or a story, you give me a quick thumbs up.

I’m not really sure how many of my hits are from search engine bots or from real people, and the reviews for Mad World are a bit lower than the other things I’ve posted, so I’m trying to figure out readership.  I was tossing out ideas for a Book 5 in a year or two if I came up with a good one, but if no one wants to continue in this universe, I won’t bother.

ETA: I apologize if the above part made it seem like I was complaining about replies, lol. We’ve been having weird traffic spikes lately, so I can’t trust my stats. I totally understand not everyone wants to reply — I figure hitting a quick thumbs up would be easiest for everyone.


  • I’m terrible with feedback, I’m sorry! It takes me forever to compose a sentence or paragraph so I’m all for giving a thumbs up if I can. I wouldn’t blame you for removing the thumbs down. Your regulars wouldn’t abuse it but there’s no need to give opportunity to trolls. I enjoy the torture that is Mad World, and I love that you’re adding in the brand new history for Taggert, Portia and Trina. Interesting that you have Jason dealing with the Zaccharas already and how that would effect everything going forward. Sonny is locked up!!! Hurray! Ok, stopping here so I will quit typing and deleting and retyping.

    According to jill on July 13, 2022
  • For me with Mad World I tend to try & read a lot all at once so I’ve been saving that because I have no patience lol
    I suck at waiting so I try to binge stuff so I haven’t read any of it yet

    There’s no reason anyone should thumbs down your writing trust me so yeah get rid of that if you want, no need to give that option

    According to Jess on July 13, 2022