Flash Fiction Updated!

Updated: Invisible Strings – Part 4

NOTE: I’m aware there’s a bug keeping the previous/next chapters from showing up on the stories. I use a WordPress plugin to power the stories, and there’s a bug in that plugin. There’s a fix supposed to come out today. Hopefully it does. 

Happy Monday! Just a couple of notes as we head into this week –

  • Mad World’s posting schedule gets updated again. We’re keeping Tuesday & Thursday. I’m scheduling a chapter to go live on Saturdays, so we’re moving to 3x a week.
  • Starting on Sunday, I’m going to be posting the revisited flash fiction, Not Knowing When. I didn’t make any massive changes, just cleaned it up and edited it into six parts. It was about 36k and 110 pages. I’ll post one part a day for most of next week.
  • With any luck, this is the last week I have to go to doctor appointments and tests (I’ve had them every week since school ended).
  • I’m hopeful that I can add Tuesday and Thursday to flash fiction, so that I can update both stories twice a week. Those would be optional updates (I’ll do it if time and energy allows), but it would be great to have daily updates.

Patreon Updates

  • Early Access (Love $3 Tier): Mad World, Chapters 96 & 97 | Not Knowing When, full story.
  • Weekly Alpha Draft Update (Stalker $15): Counting Stars, Chapters 6-8
  • Crimson Discovery #20 (Stalker & Obsessed)
  • Crimson Check #24 (All Tiers)


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