Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Invisible Strings – Part 3

Hope everyone is having a good Independence Day!


  • I used to list upcoming projects on their own page, but I didn’t really see the point.
  • A lot of them were duplicated when I relaunched my Alternate History page, so I just added a few of the missing projects.
  • I still need to finish my relaunch of the Alternate Universe page.
  • I also changed the In Progress page to the Series page. This page has my three major series broken down into their individual books.
  • I updated the download links for Mad World’s ebooks. Book 3 will be released on Wednesday.


  • Posted for Love Tier, Early Access chapters for Mad World, chapters 94-95.
  • Added Crimson Check #23 for all tiers.
  • Posted a Crimson Discovery survey for Obsessed & Stalker tiers


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