Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 38

This is going to be another short update — basically the second half of the part I planned last week. My TMJ doctor prescribed muscle relaxers, but only at night, and it’s still messing me up. It’s been making me groggy in the morning and making it hard to focus — I’m just generally feeling not so great on it and other than being able to sleep, I’m not feeling enough difference to justify staying on it every day.  I haven’t really been able to focus on anything since I started it, much less writing, so we need a new plan.

The good news is that today, I’m having the first of a series of tests meant to investigate the whooshing in my ear which is one of the biggest reasons my focus has scattered so much these last 18 months. I’m having an ultrasound on my carotid artery and a CT on my temporal bones to make sure all the vessels are in good shape and that there’s no aneurysm creating issues. (Doctor says that’s like the least likely culprit, but me who watches soap operas and has killed off many characters through aneurysm freaks out — we’re good now). Then, I have an MRI for my neck to confirm my diagnosis so that I can start treatment.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop and see you next week!


  • Sorry you have to go through all this to get some help. As scary as it can be, it’s also a comfort to get stuff ruled out! Sending you good thoughts and wishes!

    According to jill on July 1, 2022