Flash Fiction updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 35


  • Happy Sunday! I’m so relieved that there’s only one more weekend between me and summer vacation.
  • My last day is Friday, June 17, and it’s a half day where I’m literally doing nothing with the kids except counting down and packing up my classroom.
  • Next weekend is also the last time I’ll be updating Flash Fiction on Sunday because I’ll be moving into the summer scheduling starting June 20.
  • I’m also going back to drafting Counting Stars starting next Saturday, so I want to make sure I’m giving myself a break when I need it.
  • I’ll have more information about the summer schedule next Sunday because I will have it all finalized by then.


  • Mad World, Early Access Chapters 86 and 87 posted for Love tiers.
  • Mad World, Posting Draft posted for Adored tier.
  • Crimson Discovery #17 posted for Obsession tier.
  • Crimson Check #20 posted for all tiers.


  • Have a great end of the school year! This is the chaotic time.

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