Flash Fiction Updated!

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 31

News & Roundup

  • Mad World
    • Chapter 78 was posted. That’s three chapters so far.
    • I’ve scheduled chapters through May 26. Every Wednesday at 7 AM.
    • The hope is to have completed the edit so that we can bump from 1x a week to 2-3x a week by June.
  • Flash Fiction
    • I’m not going to promise weekly updates, only that they are my goal to be more regular.
    • Starting July 4, Flash Fiction will be getting a schedule overhaul.
    • Signs of Life will be completed in mid July.
    • Scars will return at that point.
  • Other
    • My new computer is scheduled to arrive in mid-May which makes me really happy.
    • It’ll be a desktop for the office which means my primary computer at the moment (a laptop) can be reformatted and be more mobile.
  • ¬†Patreon
    • Weekly updates will be available later this afternoon.


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