Flash Fiction Update, Videos & Housekeeping

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 2

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! In addition to a Flash Fiction update, I have some main channel updates and some housekeeping.


  • We did the second WatchParty where I watched about 50 minutes of Jason and Elizabeth from September 2008 (there are also some rants).
  • Then, I posted the Summer 2022 Schedule video. You can check out the video below if you want to listen me walk through the schedule or check out the Canva Projects I used: Posting Schedule | August Writing
  • I’ll be posting again on the main channel, but I won’t do separate posts here for the videos. If you want to subscribe to the YouTube channel, that would be awesome. I’m 11 subscribers away from getting a custom URL, woo 🙂
  • Today a Fool Me Twice video will go up, and then videos will go up on Mondays & Sundays for the rest of August to go with the August Writing Schedule.

August Writing

  • I’m going to pick the next writing project on September 5, so I’m spending all of August getting a bunch of projects ready, so I can play with all of them. Every project has a time and place, and I want to pick one that really feels right. This should also make it easier to start a new project in the middle of the year..
  • The projects I’m working on are all really different, so there’s an excellent chance one is going to “speak” to me, lol.
    • Fool Me Twice, Book 2 – set in 2018
    • For the Broken Girl, Book 2 – set in 2006
    • Malice, sequel to Bittersweet – set in 2003
    • These Small Hours – set in Fall 2008
    • Burn in Heaven, sequel to A Few Words Too Many – Set Fall 2007
    • Kismet – Set Decemer 1997.

Crimson Glass

  • When I first started writing again in 2014, my first two novels (A Few Words & The Best Thing) were separated into parts which made the stories more annoying to read.
  • I’ve already reorganized The Best Thing into one list so that’s much easier to read. I’ll be doing the same to A Few Words shortly.


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