Flash Fiction Update & Mad World Progress!

Your Update Link: Not Knowing When – Part 3

Happy Monday! In theory, we’re FINALLY on the evening schedule for the weekday updates. In theory. You know my life — it’s weird.

We’re back to 2002, and I am actually writing this update before I start the Flash Fiction at 7 — a little peek behind the scenes, lol. I type this post before I write so it’s all set up and I can post as close to the time when I finish writing as possible. I mention that because I know what I’m planning to write in about fifteen minutes, but whether or not I’ll get to all of it will be an interesting achievement. I’m really excited at least about the first scene because it was not precisely the plan for this story. This plot element was going to happen slightly later, but then I thought — huh — wouldn’t it be interesting if it happened because of this and not that?

I know that’s vague. Go read the update, then come back and think about it. It should make sense.

However, I will admit — I am slightly nervous about being able to actually nail the emotional inspiration I need to truly pull this off, so if you get literally ONE scene in this update, it’s because I agonized over it for 50 minutes, lol.


In other news — I am working my way through Book 3’s Beta Draft, making my final round of notes. It’s taking longer than my initial read through back in August despite only needing to read 25 chapters. That’s because this edit is really focusing on word choice and emotional beats. I’m happy to say that in the first 14 chapters — I’ve only found one scene that needs to be entirely rewritten and everything else is tiny changes. If the rest of the story pulls out that way, then I won’t have to put so much energy into the final draft. I have high hopes 🙂

The Facelift screencapping project is going slower, and I’m gonna be honest — it’s because I’ve hit the section of Liason history where Liz starts to get REALLY annoying about Zander, and I’m just not in the mood. Also, my edits include all of Jason’s scenes that summer and it’s harder to nail down dates because my YouTube playlists are just the Liason scenes, so it’s taking a bit longer. I’ll get back into it!


  • I enjoy reading about your process and progress on your writing method and story ideas. I’m assuming that you don’t use a beta and you’rethe one that checks for spelling and grammar errors. I was just wondering and I’m still in awe of your talent and discipline. Wow!

    According to arcoiris0502 on September 15, 2020