Flash Fiction Update & Mad World News

Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 26

News & In Case You Missed it

  • I completed Mad World‘s beta edit on February 21.
  • I’m working on the final round of edits during March.
  • Mad World will begin posting on April 4, 2022. Chapter 76, the first chapter, will be posted early as a preview, I think, a week early.
  • April 1, I’m posting Karma which was exclusive to Liason Haven for three months.
  • Tentatively set my project schedule for rest of the year.
    • March: Editing Mad World, Discovery for Counting Stars.
    • April-May: Drafting Counting Stars, Discovery for Fool Me Twice, Books 2 &3
    • June-August: Drafting FMT Books 2 & 3, Editing Counting Stars
    • Fall: Releasing Counting Stars, Editing FMT, Discovery Broken Girl (November NaNoWriMo)

If you’re interested, I live-tweeted my editing of Mad World from beginning to end. You can read the thread.

Patreon News

  • Posted Mad World Beta edit for Stalker, Obsessed, and Adored tiers.
  • Discovery #8 posted.
  • Check #14 coming later today.
  • Patreons will be charged for March beginning on Tuesday, March 1. Tomorrow is last day to change or cancel before the next charge.


  • Wow! It’s so exciting to read what’s going to be happening. I enjoyed reading Karma on Liason Haven. Have a great week!

    According to arcoiris0502 on February 27, 2022