Flash Fiction Update & Counting Stars Release Date!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 12

Hope everyone had a good weekend 🙂 My beloved Phillies fell to the Astros in Game 6 last night which was a heartbreak but an absolutely wild ride. I’m looking forward to next season (and to less anxiety during the week, lol). Of course, the Union also lost, but the World Cup is coming.

Counting Stars

  • I completed the beta draft of Counting Stars today, which was a huge surprise to me after Act 2 took like six weeks, lol.
  • I got some great editing time in during lunch breaks this week, so Act 3 just flowed.
  • It’s posted at Patreon for the $7 and above tier, and you can grab it here on CG for a single purchase if you’re not a Patreon.
  • I have one more round of edits to complete — looking for typos and last minute edits. I’ll be downloading the PDF and marking that up this week.
  • Dates
    • November 7-9: Mark up beta draft.
    • November 10-13: Make edits for the posting draft.
    • November 14-20: Finish website and schedule chapters
    • November 21: Release Date. 4 Chapters every Monday for nine weeks, taking us through January.
  • I may push release back another week if the posting draft takes longer to finish. We’ll see.


  • I started strong on this, but took a break to get Counting Stars done.
  • I had a small cold this weekend so I didn’t get back to it.
  • Tomorrow we start strong and get our word count back on track.

Flash Fiction

  • I’ll be back on track starting this November.
  • Friday Flash will be back with Invisible Strings at 8 PM, and Watch Me Burn will be more regular on Sundays.

See you later this week!


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