Flash Fiction Update!

Update: Hits Different – Part 4
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Hope everyone is having a good day. I’m still feeling a bit sluggish with the cold. Annoyed that it hit me on the weekend, but at least it was this weekend and not next when I have my four-day break. I did manage to hit my NaNo goal last night, and I’ll be finishing up Chapter 10 today, which puts me 33% of the way through the story and done Act 1. Really happy that I managed to get this far with a product I know is completely usable.

On Patreon, I’m working on offering PDF versions of finished flash fictions. These don’t have any changes from the published chapters (maybe a typo here or there but largely not). They’re just in one file for easier and offline reading. Ebooks are going to have to wait until I can get back to formatting issues, which is going to take some time, so PDFs are going to be the focus. I’ll be adding the bulk of the finished ones over the next week. Watch Me Burn will be available to paid Patreons members and as a paid perk until Hits Different is completed. Like I said, these PDFs don’t differ at all from CG versions. This is just for convenience.

A note on the Shop version: I’d intended to price this at $1 but Patreon doesn’t allow anything below $3, lol. It’s available to all paid members, and the lowest Patreon tier is $1, so feel free to sign up for a month to grab it much cheaper. It’s up to you. I’m a little annoyed, lol.


  • You’ve been busy even while you have a cold. You always amaze me with your organization and passion for writing. Enjoy your short work week.

    According to arcoiris0502 on November 19, 2023