Flash Fiction Update!

Update Link: Watch Me Burn – Part 46

Happy Sunday 🙂 Only one more day until the students are back. I’m pretty solid for the first two days. All the Google Classrooms are prepped, assignments are scheduled, instructional materials are set. I’m going to work a bit today and tomorrow getting Thurs/Fri ready and sketching out Week 2 to get off on the right foot. It really helps that my district is letting me use the same textbook program — I know those first few units inside and out, so it’s just about elevating the material and breaking it into smaller pieces for shorter classes. Fingers crossed I get off on the right foot.

I got some writing done yesterday, which makes me happy. I finished two chapters, and I’m hoping to write three more today. I usually wouldn’t set that goal, but these 3 chapters are short, action-packed, meant for maximizing cliffhangers with a car chase. Once I get into the second half of the draft, I’ll be able to reuse a lot more of the first draft scenes. I really felt like I got a better handle on the characters when I was writing the back half of the first draft, so I’m not surprised the beginning of the book needed extensive work.

We have two more days of updates from me on Monday (last round of Labor Day Flash Fiction) and Tuesday (Signs of Life update!) before we settle into our normal Tues/Thurs/Sat update schedule. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


  • I hope you have a great first week in your new school! You sound like you’re ready and I know you are. Have a great school year!!

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