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Update Link: Signs of Life – Part 21

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  • Karma, Parts 3 & 4 completed @ Liason Haven. Make sure you post in the Board Rules forum when you join.

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  • Crimson Discovery #2 – Obsessed & Stalker tiers
  • Crimson Check #6 – All tiers
  • Karma – Posting Draft – Love and above tiers

I’m super late putting this post together, so I’m going to make it short and sweet. I finished the beta reread of Mad World, so I’m working on making the structural changes this week. I don’t know how long or how extensive the edits will be, and I don’t want to predict after I was so off with Fool Me Twice (I said edits might not take long, they took six months, lol). We’re still in good shape for April. I’m playing with some other projects in the background, hoping one will snag me and push me into writing.

My district is going to half day schedules this week due to the staffing issues. I don’t know how this is going shake out, so we’re just playing this week by ear. Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! See you next week!


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